Recent published funding opportunities:

Funding Number Funding Title
P19AS00278 NOTICE OF INTENT: Local Youth Employment for Natural Resource Monitoring and Education: Next Generation Ranger Corps Program
P18AS00732 Assessment of Survival Rates of the Ipswich Sparrow
P18AS00684 Post-WNS Bat Assemblage at Prince William Forest Park: Dormant Season
P18AS00512 Geotechnical Investigations for Wetland Restoration
P18AS00499 Interpretation, Public Outreach, and the Preservation at San Franciso Maritme National Park
P18AS00359 Yount Adult Trail Maintenance Crew at Mount Rainier National Park
NPSNOISAGU1800457 Youth Experience in Management of Invasive Species and Hazardous Fuels in Saguaro National Park
P18AS00095 Rehabilitate and Preserve Humpback Rocks Farm
P18AS00080 Examine Alpine Wildlife Distribution and Connectivity in Denali National Park & Preserve
P18AS00168 Developing skills and Methods for landscape scale inventory and evaluation of cultural resources
P18AS00004 Youth Training and Work Experience through Habitat Restoration at Peter Strauss Ranch
P17AS00842 Youth Engagement within Facilities Management at Southern Idaho Parks
P17AS00641 Trail Repair/Maintenance
P17AS00600 Botany and Rare Plant Monitoring within Death Valley National Park
P17AS00485 Impact of Forest restoration activities on soil compaction and soil biological communities
P17AS00460 Cooperative Research and Education Partnership between The Pennsylvania State University and The National Park Service.
P17AS00220 PLC Fence Maintenance and Brush Clearing Project


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